Human Or Machine: Multi-User Activity

Human or Machine is a a multi-user role-playing and decision-making activity developed for the traveling Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibition. In the activity, visitors learn about potential technologies that might someday be used to augment the human body and increase or alter natural abilities. Within the narrative of the activity, users can choose to alter their character with these technologies, and see how the results play out in various scenarios. The activity allows for simultaneous interaction and includes prompts for discussion among users who are working together at the console. The activity was designed to encourage dialog on ethics and decision-making among a multigenerational audience. Human or Machine was developed developed in collaboration with contractor Paula Sincero of Inquiry Learn.

I worked on the concept design and research, collaborated with Paula on the content development, and was primary liaison to Inquiry Learn during the project management process. “Human or Machine” received a 2005 Muse Awards Honorable Mention.

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